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Best tips for Men on what makes a Woman Squirt

Many people have tried many things to make a woman squirt and only a very small number have achieved success. Making a woman squirt is a great deal to consider as it would offer her with the level of pleasure that cannot be expressed by anything at all. Hence it’s the duty of every man to ensure his lady is able to enjoy sex at the same or much higher level possible and squirting can help them reach the epitome of sexual pleasure that they can enjoy.

If you are wondering what makes a woman squirt then you can get tips from various places very easily. There are many methods by which one can make a woman squirt. Here is a method that is very common and easy to get your lady at the stage you want her to be in.

Learn the method on what makes a woman squirt

Lube her first

One of the most common type of mistake that many people would not do and wonder why they are not able to get their lady partner to reach climax or squirt is the fact that, they are lubing first.

In order to intensify the level of pleasure, you need to use the lube that is water based and always use your finger. Try your foreplay with your fingers and at the right spot. One of the most natural best lubricants is the grape seed oil. It’s also a great oil to massage your lady’s G-spot as well to get higher stimulation.

Be ready with your hands

You need to always remember that the most sensitive part of a woman body is her vagina. Hence you need to be ready with your hands. Moisturize it, cut your nails and always keep it clean before you use it on her vagina. If you respect your lady then you would want to clean your hands at best to keep her smooth and soft vagina at the same always.

If you want to treat her vagina with the best level of respect you can then try getting a manicure once in a while.Even though it’s not manly thing to do, it’s always best to keep her vagina with best clean pair of hands.

Find her G-Spot first to get her quirt

This is the spot that you need to find in your lady’s vagina to make her feel the pleasure. The Big G is urethral sponge type of part that can be found about 1 or 2 inches from vagina lining. When a woman feel aroused, it becomes very easy to find her G-Spot. When you are able to find it, make sure you reach and touch it till she reaches climax or squirt.

You can try out various positions with your fingers while touching G-Spot to get her squirt. When women are aroused, their big G would start to swell and will be pronouncing more. It’s one of the signs that would tell you are in right state getting your woman squirt.

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