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Herbal Capsule Super Bull 6000 Pills Review – Pro & Cons

What is Super Bull 6000 Herbal Capsule?

Men who suffer from sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation are well acquainted with Super Bull 6000. It is a sexual enhancement pill that addresses these problems and treats them. The pills are made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that need no prescription, and are guaranteed to provide you with a larger and harder erection that lasts for a long time. It also increases your sexual desire and gives you a better hold on your ejaculation.

How Does It Claim to Work?

Super Bull 6000 is prepared with natural ingredients, such as lotus seed, mulberry fruit extract, gorgon fruit and walnut kernel etc. These ingredients together facilitate better blood circulation within the body, which increase the energy level, leading to better sexual performance. They also enhance blood flow to the vessels of the penis, leading to easier and stronger erections that last for hours.

The ingredients also improve the testosterone production and increase sexual desire.

However, the amount of the ingredients is not mentioned on their package, so you run the risk of getting an overdose.

FDA Warning

FDA has issued a warning for Super Bull 6000, claiming that it contains sidenafil, which is also used in Viagra, and FDA-approved prescription drug for treating erectile dysfunction. Many people are unaware of the presence of this ingredient in these pills. Sildenafil, together with nitrates found in other drugs such as nitroglycerine, can lower your blood pressure to a fatal level.

People with heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol usually take medicines with nitrates, and consuming Super Bull 6000 can be extremely risky for them.


  • Super Bull 3000 is easily available on all online and physical shops, so you can purchase them from anywhere.
  • The price of the pills is much cheaper than other similar supplements in the market.
  • The pills are made with natural ingredients and so you do not need a prescription and run lower chances of getting side effects.


  • The pills do not have enough information on how they are produced and if they follow safety standards.
  • There is no information available regarding the amount of ingredients used in the pills, so you run the risk of getting an overdose.
  • FDA has issued a warning against these pills, marking them as an unsafe choice for male enhancement.
  • The pills contain sidenafil which interacts with nitrates and can be fatal to you.
  • There is no proper support available for these pills, and you have to rely on the testimonials of others that you find online, which might be counterfeit.

Where to Buy

Super Bull is only available of Amazon and eBay. You can also look for them in local shops that sell similar supplements and pills.

Final Thoughts

Super Bull 6000 is a pretty popular male enhancement pills and many people would vouch for it. However, the fact that you do not get any information on the amount of ingredient makes it a risky purchase. Also, the FDA warning has made the supplement an unsafe choice for sexual enhancement.

If you are truly suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, consult a specialist and go for other brands that come with proper dosage and ingredients information and support. We recommend going for other costlier options and avoiding Super Bull 6000 that has the potential to give you harmful side effects.

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