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Max Performer Review – Is It Really A Sexual Desire Booster?

Max Performer, the most powerful male enhancement pills is a supplement designed to help men achieve the results they want to see in the bedroom. The supplement works on power, stamina, strength, and confidence, which enhances those key factors to delivering the perfect performance between the sheets.

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This entirely natural supplement contains a precise blend of just seven main ingredients are herbal, antioxidant and aphrodisiacs. The research of neurologists and well-backed science with the reputation of traditional medicines and centuries-old beliefs, a harmonious formula, is created, proven by clinical trials and research.

It focus on a whole range of aspects considered to improve sexual performance, as opposed to just focusing on the function of the male anatomy. While increasing blood flow to the area and boosting testosterone secretion is important, Max Performer doesn’t neglect to address the additional, often-overlooked areas that can put a man off his game. Reducing stress, increasing alertness and concentration, and heightening libido is all targeted to deliver the entire package for a successful return on your efforts.​

max performer review

Manufactured by a company called Silver Blade Nutrition Limited, based in London, UK. As a relatively new business to the industry, this suggests their supplement is designed building upon the latest and most up to date research.

With Max Performer being the only supplement they currently sell this also works for the customer as research is almost guaranteed to have been highly focused on creating an effective supplement, and less likely to cut corners due to time limitations and other products. The knowledge base of the company concentrate on just seven main ingredients, so the understanding is likely to be very in-depth.

How it Works

It works in a somewhat holistic manner addressing the act of pleasure making as a whole that is – as opposed to separate working parts. But of course, the best place to start is the function of your member. Over half of the primary ingredients in Max Performer work on increasing blood flow to that area (among other things too).

Improved circulation and healthy blood flow are one of, if not the key component to producing and maintaining an active, healthy erection. Quite simply, the more blood flowing through the cavernous artery (the main artery in your member), the stronger your erection. Increased blood flow also encourages a more lasting enhancement too.

Through a process known as cell splitting, more cells are made to accommodate extra blood, resulting in a thickening of the walls and penile enlargement.

Moving away from the primary focus and onto more peripheral, but equally important areas such as libido, stress, and healthy cells, Max Performer contains ingredients to address them all.

Using some of the most highly regarded traditional medicines, Maca root, and Red Korean Ginseng, for example, provides a full armor to protect against an unfulfilling experience, for you or your woman.

Using powerful aphrodisiacs such as these, self-doubt and low confidence are pushed out and powerfully overcome by a strong sense of desire and renewed vigor for the experience ahead.

Also Contains several ingredients responsible for boosting the amount of testosterone the body naturally secretes. Testosterone, well known as the male hormone is, of course, essential for men in all manners.

Maintaining and even amplifying that primal instinct to mate and satisfy your woman is perhaps the first, most important step. Increased testosterone levels overcome any lack of libido and desire, crucial for both your mind and body to want to engage in the activity in the first place.

It’s an unfortunate truth that in today’s fast paced lifestyles many of us suffer from the adverse effects of stress, even if we don’t realize it. Stress disrupts the natural rhythms and processes of body that it should not be overlooked when it comes to being able to relax and perform, but often is.

Max Performer thankfully combats this with a selection of herbal ingredients known to reduce stress, not only on the body as a whole but at a cellular level too. Less stress and greater concentration and alertness, add up to a more focused, intense connection with your partner and your performance.

Lastly, antioxidants, well deserving of their spotlight in recent scientific studies for their anti-aging properties, cell renewal, immune response and plenty more, are added. These natural compounds work to protect the health of cells, minimize damage from everyday toxins and speed up cell recovery. These antioxidants have both a global and specific effect on the body and the male member.

While taking all above into consideration, this supplement resembles to address all areas that are likely to affect a guy’s performance. The supplement works on sustaining health at a cellular level, causing physical changes to your member, and helping to lift the burdens and stresses on your mind for an all-encompassing approach.


With just seven principal ingredients, Max Performer isn’t one of those supplements that seem to throw in every ingredient with the slightest promise of relevant results but instead appears to have carefully selected just a few.

The benefit of this is that more often than not it is the combination of ingredients in the play together that determines the success of the results you see. Not, the individual potency of each ingredient and a lack of consideration for how they work together. The ingredients are as follows:

Horny Goats Weed (1000mg)

This somewhat strangely named herb has been called nature’s love stimulant for those in the know. Though research is still a far way off producing a natural replacement for the markets leading pharmaceutical pill (lengthy clinical trials and approvals), there is a substantial amount of science proving Horny Goats Weeds effects.

In brief, as mentioned earlier, the more blood flow to your member, the stronger your erection. There exists an enzyme within the body, PDE5, which controls blood flow. The leading pharmaceutical pill for ED works by blocking this enzyme, resulting in more blood flowing through the main artery of your member and a stronger, harder erection. Neurologists and research undertaken at the University of Milan, Italy, have discovered that an active compound in Horny Goats Weed, icariin, also acts as a PDE5 inhibitor. And so, a similar effect to the synthetic drug is achieved, through increased blood flow and circulation. This potent herb also affects testosterone production and improves nerve stimulation thanks to excess blood flow. More sensitive nerve endings, of course, bolster sexual arousal and satisfaction.

MACA (1000mg)

Maca is renowned for a myriad of health benefits but mostly so for its effects on sexual enhancement. According to tradition, this root is nature’s very own powerful aphrodisiac. Though scientific studies on this source seem to contradict one another; some say there aren’t yet enough studies to prove its effects on testosterone and sex drive, whereas others say the evidence is plenty to conclude it does improve performance, but exactly how it works is not entirely understood.
However, regarding natural therapies and traditional medicines, Maca has the backing of many native doctors as one of the most reliable enhancers of libido. Experiential evidence is sufficient showing links between maca consumption and sexual desire, as well as sports performance regarding strength, stamina, and endurance. Apparently, those qualities naturally transfer to a stronger, longer and more powerful performance in the bedroom too. Researchers determined these effects were mainly due to phytochemicals active in the root known as macamides and macenes. Animal studies have also shown increased amounts of these phytochemicals are responsible for apparent energetic and sexual enhancements.

Red Korean Ginseng (1000mg)

Often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a natural remedy for all general ailments, this herb has been long regarded as an energy booster, and it is probably only a matter of time before scientific studies will have a greater understanding of how this herb works. The main active ingredients in Ginseng are ginsenosides, phytochemicals with adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens can impact the whole body and have beneficial effects on the central nervous system, which means reduced stress levels and anxiety, improved mental alertness, and concentration, as well as performance in the bedroom. Apparently, feeling less stressed and more relaxed plays a significant role in getting you into the right mood for intimate encounters.

Cordyceps (1000mg)

Cordyceps is yet another ingredient that works on improving blood flow and increasing circulation. According to ancient Chinese text, this special mushroom extract effectively dilates blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow, especially to the private areas, producing stronger more powerful erections. With a few ingredients working to improve blood flow in this supplement, it is good to see those different ingredients working on different aspects of increasing blood flow. By tackling multiple areas linked to circulation and blood flow, the result is likely to be more effective. Cordyceps also promotes healthy cell communication by increasing oxygen uptake. Greater oxygen in your cells and blood stream promotes higher energy as a bonus.

Bioperine (15mg)

Bioperine is found in and extracted from Black Pepper. Once used as a traditional medicine in India, there are now clinical trials that have proven the properties of this common household spice. Firstly, Bioperine has been shown to increase the absorption of nutrients within the body, making them more bioavailable. It’s not uncommon that despite a supplement being loaded with excellent, quality ingredients, we have a difficulty with our bodies (inflammation in the gut, diet, etc.), which prevents us from absorbing and utilizing them. So, this natural ingredient increases the bio availability (the amount of a substance that has an active effect on the body) of the rest of the ingredients found in this supplement, helping you to get the most out of it. Research has also shown that Bioperine stimulates blood flow towards the gut and helps in metabolic processes, generating lots of energy.


Selenium, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in soil and some foods play an important role within the body. Selenium helps with thermoregulation, which is keeping the body at its internal core temperature, and helping the body fight its daily toxic load. In recent years selenium has been marketed as being able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, yet those claims appear to be unfounded. As an antioxidant, what selenium does do is minimize and protect cells from damage caused by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can be anything from the air pollution we breathe into the chemicals on the foods we eat. It helps in performance as having healthy, protected cells allows penile tissue to relax, blood flow to increase and a stronger, healthy erection. It is noticeable that studies have shown selenium, when paired with Bioperine has been found at twice the original amount within the body, showing the bioavailability effects of Bioperine and the ideal pairing of these two compounds in particular.


A trace mineral found in a significant amount within the body’s cells, zinc is found in the nucleus, the ‘command center’ of cells, and regulates cell growth and recovery. Zinc is also involved in sperm production. The environmental toxins we are subjected to every day often damage sperm, yet nutritionists believe Zinc can help repair some of this damage. With less damage to sperm cells, your sperm count and production increases, which massively helps in longer orgasms and more potent ejaculation. Aside from its specific benefits to the male anatomy, Zinc is an overall useful mineral for general health and body functioning too.


Mark, 43 Bristol, UK

Reluctant to take synthetic pills because of some of the nasty side-effect stories I’d heard I decided to look for a natural alternative. I don’t think I ever expected to find something as good as Max Performer, though. I can’t believe how much of a difference a natural supplement can make, my sex life is great and I’m noticing the effects of more confidence and satisfaction on the rest of my life too.

David, 41 Newcastle, UK

I started looking into natural supplements to give me a bit of a helping hand as I’m already noticing the difference between my early 20’s and now. I just wanted something to boost my energy and stamina initially, but with Max Performer I got a whole lot more. My entire sex life has been transformed, my girlfriend loves it, and I’m sort of wishing I’d started taking them a few years ago! Will keep using them.

Some of the main benefits of Max Performer are:

  • Contains Horny Goats Weed, proven to work in a similar way to the newest synthetic pill often prescribed by doctors.
  • Encourages the body to produce more testosterone naturally.
  • Combines many approaches to target the entire body, from stress management to sperm production.
  • Clinical trials and real research have proven the formula to be 100% safe with no side effects.

Some of the downsides to this supplement are:

  • Some ingredients still need further research to be scientifically backed.
  • Despite traditional and eastern medicines using certain herbs for a long time it is still unclear exactly how they work in the body.


This supplement clearly has many advantages. Not only is it highly focused on increasing blood flow to your member, it still manages to address other areas that when worked upon in conjunction, should improve the whole experience in the bedroom.

With ingredients to target blood flow, sperm count, testosterone levels, stress, mental focus, cell health, protection and recovery, this supplement seems to impact a lot of areas with a relatively small range of ingredients.

Many performance supplements tend to focus only on a few of these regions, so you’re either forced to take a variety of supplements or don’t obtain the full package of benefits which is likely to show in your performance.


Although Max Performer does not yet have any awards or certificates, one of its ingredients, Horny Goats Weed seems to be of interest in many initial stages of testing and development in searching for natural alternatives to the current leading pharmaceutical option.


Offers a 100-day money back guarantee, given that you have taken the supplements for 90 days. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you have an additional ten days to return the empty boxes (and any extra you ordered). They do ask that products be returned via a trackable and insured courier for your benefit, as understandably items that lost in the post will not get the refund. As is usually standard with most return policies, return-shipping costs cannot be refunded. All you need to do is request a refund is contact their customer support and provide an overview of your results.


Free delivery on all orders, worldwide. Orders are delivered in discreet packaging and should arrive in a plain box stating your delivery address, and Silver Blade Nutrition LTD.

The company is the UK based so uses the leading courier, Royal Mail, 1st class delivery or the option for exclusive, next day delivery is available. International orders require a customer signature on arrival and are sent by a trackable courier. Orders are dispatched quickly, either the same day or the next day if you order after 2 pm.

Customer Support

The company provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, but if you still need further information, there is a customer service contact form available too. The companies email address is not available, but if you fill out the form, you’ll receive a return email. There is also a contact address provided in case you would rather write to them instead.


1 month supply (60 tablets) of Max Performer supplements costs £39, comparable to $15 a week. If you decide to order in bulk, the cost reduces to £78 for a 3-month supply (180 tablets), under $11 per week. The largest bulk order is a 6-month supply (360 tablets) at £138, working out at $8 a week. As shipping is free, there are no additional costs.

Safe and Secure Checkout

Accepts payment via PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover Network. All of which offer a completely safe means of payment through a secure checkout on the website.

Max Performer Review Summary

Max Performer is a natural male enhancement supplement that operates on a range of functions in the body to enhance all areas that contribute to a memorable performance between the sheets. Ingredients support increased blood flow to the member, harder erections, boosted testosterone, heightened libido, reduced stress and greater energy. The blend contains both scientifically proven ingredients, and traditional medicines too.

Max Performer Rating


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Boost Sexual Desire




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  • Natural Product
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Free Shipping
  • Genuine Product
  • Discount Available


  • Not available on locally
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