Penimaster Pro Review: Is it the Best Extender for a Bigger Penis?


penimaster pro review

Is your small penis giving you a troubled sex life? Are you unable to satisfy your partner on the bed at night?

Worried about your size and tried all possible health tips that you have found in Google?

Well, Penimaster Pro is the answer to all your woes.

In this review, you will find all Pros and Cons, its benefits of Penimaster Pro.

Penis extenders have been in the market for several years. Although all of them claim to be the best at making your penis size bigger and thicker, the fact is far from fiction.

You have probably heard about penis extenders a lot in recent times. The demand and popularity of these extenders rose tremendously since the start of the internet.

However, despite being termed as “penis extenders” it is a bit more to just procuring any device and using it.

You will find various types of penis extending supplements available in the market. In fact, the nutrition and supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

You will find supplements and pills for almost all types of ailments, which includes penis extension. This may seem all good and exciting for you except one thing: they seldom work as promised.

Coming back to penis extenders, these are devices that stretch your penis for several hours each day. After a few months of use, you may witness a gain in size by an inch or so.

There are several studies on such devices that are published in many respected medical journals.

This brings the topic to Penimaster Pro. It is a penis extender that uses basic traction force to enlarge your penis. But, some vital questions may linger in your mind.

Will Penimaster Pro actually work? How to use it? Is it safe to use the device? Will it be worth your money? We will try and get all these questions answered for you with the help of this Penimaster Pro review.

What is Penimaster Pro?

To start off with the Penimaster Pro review, most of you may wonder what it is all about. Some of you may even wonder whether it will work or not.

Penimaster Pro is a German made penis extension device. Although it is not as popular as some other similar devices in the market, it is considered to be one of the best.

The Penimaster is designed to give you a longer penis with some gain in the girth. The concept is quite similar to growing a balloon. Your penis will get longer and thicker. Do remember that it is an extender. Its main job is to increase flaccid and erect length.

There are many users who simply love the Penimaster Pro. You will hear good and bad things about most of the penis extenders in the market.

However, with the Penimaster, it is mostly good stuff that you hear.

Though Penimaster Pro is a German made product, it is at par with some of the best penis extenders in the market. This fact is in terms of comfort, raw length gains, diversity, and features.

You must have heard about Phallosan, SizeGenetics, and X4 to be some of the best penis extenders out there. Penimaster Pro is a combination of all three put together.

The Penimaster Pro set comes with a belt-extension system. Although you will find a similar belt in the Phallosan kit, users love the Penimaster Pro belt better.

You will also find extending bars and traditional extenders that are familiar to the X4 and SizeGenetics.

How Does It Work?

Penimaster Pro is designed to increase the length of the penis. This is done through prolonged outward tension on the muscles of your penis.

Squeeze the ball pump and attach the device to the glans chamber. This helps the chamber create some amount of vacuum for suction inside it.

You will also find a hose that you can attach to the glans chamber if the ball pump does not work out for you. You will have to use your mouth to suck in air and create some vacuum.

Some users prefer the hose as they can suck in more pressure compared to the ball pump.

After attaching the ball pump or the hose to your glans chamber, you will have to suck the tip of your penis into the chamber. This will snugly secure the penis inside.

Using the glans chamber may prove to be great. This is because unlike any ordinary extender, the glans chamber does not cut off the blood circulation to your penis.

Cutting off blood circulation is a common thing with a strap or a hard noose. You will find such accessories with 90% of the penis extenders.

The glans chamber ensures that there is no discomfort or slippage. It makes sure that there is no pulling force on a small area. Such pulling force is common with a strap or a noose.

There are users who refuse to go back to the harsh straps or noose after using the glans chamber.

This is where Penimaster Pro scores above its competitors. Once your penis enters the glans chamber, you have to decide either to increase your penis length with the belt system or the traditional extender rods/bar system.

  1. Belt: You need to attach one end of the belt to an end of your glans chamber. You will have to swing the other end around your waist, shoulder or lower thigh. This will exert a pulling force on the penis.
  2. Classic Extender Rods: You will have to attach the glans chamber to the end of the extender and use the rods to exert force on the penis. This is common to most other extenders in the market. The only difference is the use of the comfortable glans chamber instead of the noose or strap.

Both the techniques work like a charm. You have the option of choosing the technique that suits you the most. Most of the users prefer to use the extender rod system as it provides a better stretch and feel.

This is all as far as the setup matters. With time, there will be an increase in the length of your penis due to the prolonged tension.

The primary cause behind the increase are the small micro-tears through the stretching forces. Your body will reduce the growth of new collagen and this will increase the overall length of your penis.

Penimaster Pro Packages Available

A Penimaster Pro review without a mention about the available packages is practically pointless. You will also find Classic Penimaster in your search. However, the Pro is much better and cost-effective.

  • Penimaster Pro Classic: This package comes with a vacuum force that helps your penis to stretch.
  • Penimaster Pro Rod Expander: This version of the product comes with the rod design. There is also a vacuum force in the package. You need to use them to apply traction.
  • Penimaster Pro Belt Expander: You will find various types of belts in this package, including knee belt, hip belt, and shoulder belt. You need to use these belts to apply traction force along with vacuum force.
  • Penimaster Pro Weight Expander: In this package, you will find several weights that are used to stretch your penis. The weights range from 250gm to 1,250gm.
  • Penimaster Pro Complete Set: Sometimes you may not be too sure as to which package to buy. In such scenarios, it is best to go with this package as it gives you everything that you need to make your penis bigger and thicker.

Pros and Cons

A Penimaster Pro review is incomplete without its pros and cons. Just like all other things in life, Penimaster Pro also comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.


  • According to various Penimaster Pro review results, it provides various options in terms of traction force. You can start with the basic force and work your way up. You also have the facility to choose additional force that you can use with the vacuum. You can either opt for the rod extender or you may opt for the belt. The former is most commonly found in most other penis extenders. The belt is more comfortable to use. If you want more, you have the weights to help you.
  • Penimaster Pro is a German made product. This means that you get a high quality product to use. If you read any Penimaster Pro review, you will get to know that it is a marvel of a design. You get to choose from several options to enjoy continued comfort.
  • The product comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. Several Penimaster Pro review results show that some of the best penis extenders come at close to $1000. Whereas, this product is priced at close to $243.
  • Read any Penimaster Pro review and you will know one thing. It is surely effective.
  • It is extremely hygienic. You can easily clean the different parts of the product. This may not be the case with other similar products. When it comes to your penis, hygiene should be your top priority.
  • All the parts of the Penimaster Pro are made of premium materials.


  • The manual is not clearly written. The instructions may get you confused even before you decide to use it. It is a lengthy manual filled with jargons.
  • You may feel some skin irritations at the beginning. This is normal for any penis extender in the market.
    Purchasing Options

It is true that penis extenders are great investments. However, you should ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Penimaster Pro is a precision instrument. A slight difference of even a millimeter in tension, torque or angles may give you either great results or no result. Thus, it is safe to buy the penis extender directly from the manufacturer.

You will find tons of fakes floating around on eBay and such online shopping sites. It is a good thing to avoid falling for a discounted Penimaster Pro.

You will come across a brand named as PenisMaster. There have been several buyers who were fooled into thinking that they were shopping for the original Penimaster Pro.

To be safe from all the fake penis extenders out there, it is better to shop directly from the manufacturer’s website. You will get the original product that will give you great results.

The original Penimaster Pro comes with a 5-year warranty. You can also try it out for a month. If you feel dissatisfied, you may return the product. The manufacturer will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What All Applications Does The Penimaster Pro Have?

Penimaster Pro is a penis expander that can be worn on your penis. It is designed for therapeutic and plastic-cosmetic purposes.

How Does Penimaster Pro Actually Work?

It exerts a pulling force on your penis. The extension treatment trains the physiological capacity of your penis. In turn, it grows new body cells within the penis.

What Is The Minimum Length Of A Penis To Apply The Device?

Penimaster Pro can be applied on penises of every size.

Is There Any Minimum Age Before Using The Device?

Penis extenders can be used by men of all age groups. It is better to start using the Penimaster Pro after your penis reaches its final size. This happens when you are 18 years and your body growth has completed.

When it comes to penis extenders, Penimaster Pro is one of the best. It has not just helped one or two users till date, there have been almost 500,000 satisfied users of this device.

It comes with a superior glans chamber that gives you a comfortable experience while using the device. This is as opposed to the traditional noose/strap found with other penis extenders.

Penimaster Pro is designed after its makers carefully collected all the positives from other penis extenders in the market. Thus, it has all the positive features of its competitors.

When you decide to shop for Penimaster Pro, do not buy it from any website. It is recommended that you shop for the device from the maker’s website.

This shall allow you to get authentic product that will give you real value for the price that you pay for it.