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The Amazing Benefits of Selenium For Male Enhancement

The Male Sexual Enhancement Benefits of Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that is found in the soil, and is naturally contained in water and food sources such as sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, eggs, mushroom, spinach, oats, beef, chicken and turkey meats, tuna and some other fish etc. It is also available as supplements, but it is advised to obtain it primarily from food sources. If deficiency still persists, it can be taken as supplement.

Selenium can be found in semen, and is directly connected to the health and volume of it. Deficiencies in this mineral, therefore, can lead to poor semen volume and conditions.

Selenium has long been linked to curing several sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, low libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, impotency etc. along with various other ailments.

How Does It Work?

Patients with premature ejaculation often face uncontrolled leakage of semen and fluids during sleep, and their semen contains little to no matured sperm cell, and hence is thin and odorless. An appropriate consumption of selenium reverses these situations, and cures premature ejaculation in men.

Selenium is also important in treating erectile dysfunction. Often the reason behind erectile dysfunction is nothing but oxidative stress in the body. Selenium works as a great antioxidant, and helps to minimize cell damage occurring from this type of stress. It works as a vasodilator and relaxant for the penile wall muscles and improves blood flow, and helps achieve easier and longer lasting erections.

Selenium also elevates the level of libido, and accommodates arousal and enhanced sexual performance.

Studies have shown that intake of selenium improves the quality of semen and increases the number of sperm count with good health and great motility, which prevents impotence in men.

Regular consumption of selenium also prevents prostate cancer. Since selenium is known to enhance antioxidant capacity in the body, it helps to diminish cell damage occurring from or leading to the cancer.

Side Effects

The required amount of selenium can be obtained from regular food by incorporating them in our menu. A maximum of 400 micrograms of selenium is considered safe for adults, and for children, the amount should be curbed. Anything over 400 micrograms can cause poisoning. It should also be taken for short period.

Overdose can also lead to nausea, fever, liver problems, kidney problems, cardiac problems etc. It has the power to interfere with medicines, birth control pills and chemotherapy, and it can also cause skin cancer.

While selenium is known to prevent prostate cancer, an overdose can reverse the effect and cause prostate cancer.

Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor before taking selenium supplements since it can be fatal in some cases. Taking selenium through regular food is advised for this category of patients. It also negatively affects bleeding conditions and hypothyroidism, so patients with these conditions should avoid selenium supplement.

Final Thoughts

Selenium is an essential mineral and is undoubtedly useful to treat sexual dysfunctions in men. However, it is advised to take selenium through food sources rather than going straight for the supplements, and if the latter is unavoidable, one should consult a doctor before consuming them.

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